Care of Your Spin4Air System & install tips

Please treat your system properly!

    This windshield is constructed of Lexan™ Brand MR10 Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate. Please use only quality plastic cleaning products.   Lexan recommends Novus™ Brand products. Novus 1 keeps Poly clean, static free, and shiny. They are available 1 at a time or in larger bottles on Amazon.  The best cloth for this type of Poly is unfolded Cloth Diapers; you can still find them in the baby section of Larger Department Stores. The pattern of cloth used in diapers is a tight weave and is a perfect cleaner/polisher. Apply a light mist of Novus 1 spray and clean/polish an area of Poly then blend into an adjacent area. Rotate cloth often. If there are a lot of insect smears, consider using a separate cloth diaper with water to gently remove carcasses, then go to the Novus 1 and a different cloth for clean/polish. All motorcycle windshield manufacturers who use Polycarbonate offer similar recommendations for the care of the blade, even the “Scratch Resistant” types.




   On the Center Support bottom are 2 holes which align with the manufacturer supplied dash holes. The clear Poly scrap pieces attached to base go under the dash with the shoes facing front of trike. They act as a stiffener since dash is less than ¼ inch thick. The Center two 7/16 inch blade mounting nuts should be wrench tight, don’t worry, the Poly WILL NOT break with tightening.  The outer two 9/16 inch nuts on support arms should be ½ turn tight past hand tight only or the rubber washers will flatten/distort, tighten these from the jam nut behind the blade. The swivel arms should be tight enough for arms to stand at any angle with the blade off with resistance to movement, but not locked tight. DO NOT lubricate the swivel arm pivot.  See our Installation Video at  For more information,