Polaris Slingshot Adjustable Windshield Handmade.

Hand made in the USA !

We cater only to the Polaris Slingshot, unlike others who cover multiple bikes and sell in mass to motorcycle stores. 

Best Engineering for your Dollar

Go from fully down and gasketed to dash for foul or cold weather, to open for cooling with the simple twist of a knob or push of a button.

Experience your Slingshot as intended

You bought your Slingshot to have fun and stand out!! Fixed blades create vacuum pockets and affect sound, also leave riders hot. Sing along with your stereo at Hwy speeds and stay cool riding!!

All Spin4Air Systems have a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Any problems with Oxidation or Discoloration, contact us and we'll replace Mounting Hardware FREE. 

Specs For Spin 4 Air Windshield Kits


The stock Polaris Blade is only 10.5 inches (blade height) and at a sharp angle it offers little protection with only an 8.5 inch rise. Our standard blade height is 12 inches, travels from 65 degrees (fully down) to 55 degrees (fully open) and rises 10.5 inches from dash.

14.5 inch Blade Heights


Add another 2.5 inches for taller Slingshot Riders. Same travel ranges and angles, just more Polycarbonate for coverage.

Taller Blades


Our Polycarbonate blades are flat across top edge and do NOT Step Down before bend offering more wind/rain protection.

No guessing height with +4 or some code, the blade heights are as shown.