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96 inches of forced air cooling for your Slingshot trike.

Spin4air For Your Sling

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Spin4air Windshields


  • The only adjustable windshield designed strictly for the Polaris Slingshot trike. Easy adjustment of Air Flow under blade with the twist of a knob. Go from high air flow  for cooling to fully down (gasketed) acting like a fixed blade for cold weather or rain. When you go down to your local motorcycle shop you won't find another adjustable slingshot windshield like this.


You will be riding behind a full 1/4 inch of "Practically Unbreakable"

Polycarbonate. Use the stuff Police use for Riot Shields, not Acrylic! Thicker than most blades from motorcycle shops.


Tight angled design with sharp crease bends match the stealth look of your Polaris Slingshot while adding a 

Muscle car look! Center support is transparent to minimze blind spot.

Scratch Resistant and Tinted Blades

 coming soon!!

Specs For The Spin 4 Air

The stock Polaris Blade is only 10.5 in (blade height) and at a sharp angle offers little protection with only 8.5 rise. Our blade height is 12 inches, travels from 65 deg(fully down) to 55 deg(fully open) and rises 10.5 to 11.5 inches. 

14.5 inch Blade Heights

Add another 2.5 inches for taller Slingshot Riders. Same travel ranges and angles, just more Polycarbonate for coverage.

Taller Blades

Our Polycarbonate blades are flat across top edge and do NOT Step Down before bend offering more wind/rain protection.

No guessing height with +4 or some code, the blade heights are as shown.

Our Policies


  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have 14 days after receiving to return your system for a full refund. We will only issue a full refund of your purchase price if the Spin 4 Air Windshield system is returned in as-shipped condition with all the parts originally shipped. If system components are missing or substantially damaged then we reserve the right to apply a minimum 15% restocking fee deducted from the refund amount. For example, if a windshield comes back with substantial scratches then the order would be subject to a restocking fee. This applies regardless of whether the damage was caused by return shipping or any other reason. Please wrap and package the returning items carefully, especially the plastic windshields which are easily scratched. We recommend a piece of cardboard/foam be placed between the windshield and all other components in the box, and we also recommend that you insure the package in the event that the shipper is the one who causes the damage or loses the package.